Sunday, 21 August 2011

Warkworth Show 20/08/11

Another cracking performance.

Gorgeous day, the sun shone.....our first gig in ages in Sunshine.
Mr Hogg's first appearance at a summer gig this year.

Bit blowy, so the magnets were put to full use.(and even some clothes pegs!!)
Miss Alice Paul mislaid her magnets, so a fine will be levied !!!

Sarah Elliot, on Alto (a newish band member), enters the hall of fame at no 10....for forgetting her magnets at the start of the second set.(not as bad as having to go off for music, but still worth a lowish entry on the chart)
Currently :

1. Glen Hogg: Music in Lagny Cathedral
2. Allan Jones: Music in Bedlington
10. Sarah Elliot: Magnets in Warkworth
25. Alice Paul: Magnets in Warkworth

Entry to the chart is arbitrary and entirely at my discretion!!

Any band member is eligible!

Biggest crowd in a long time, think they liked our choice of music.

First set started on time..followed by tea and carrot cake in the tent..Yummy!!

Magic Myrtle didn't turn up on time, so she started late...

Then we seemed to have hours and hours of kid's fancy dress.

Then loads and loads of highland and clog dancing...all looked the same to me!!

Eventually we started second set later than scheduled, and we were told off for overrunning....because Magic Myrtle was ready to start........... (no comment necessary)

Finished with Instant Conc...

We had a varied selection of hats from ....George,Sheila and Paul.....maybe we need to adapt an official band hat!!
Any ideas?

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