Saturday, 6 August 2011

Cooncillorr Todd's Bash or "Who ate all the sarnies?"

Played at County Hall,Morpeth,Northumberland last night for chairman's dinner and guests.(Other council chairmen)

Another good night.

Nearly as many in the band as there were guests!
Bit of a squash, but we got there.
Thanks to Dekka and Ron for depping on Tuba and Tbn.

7.15 start....we can play quietly (well quietish!!)

First half we def kept the volume down...still need to get pp sounding pp.

Stopped at 8 whilst dinner was served and shown to an upstairs room full of council chauffeurs sitting round the one table eating our sarnies,and drinking our tea and coffee!
Not enough seats either.
Some muttering went on, A and I had words with the chairman's PA,the result being we got given some mini ice cream tubs...just the job.

It  was too hot. and we didn't get called back to play till 9.20...a long wait.

So we gave it some welly!!

Started quiet with H Potter, then hit them with Light Cav, Chicago,.Jersey Boys,Spam.

Played Instant as encore (following one request for more!!)

Got home 10.40, got out the Southern Comfort and watched the results of America's Got Talent.

Best part of the evening! :-)

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