Tuesday, 30 August 2011

2010/2011 Review

Can't believe we're starting a new season next Monday, seems like we've never stopped.
Last 3 months have been really busy..
June 22--The big one. We played for her Maj.
3 Gigs in July including the 2 classical gigs
5 Gigs in August (+ trumpet fanfare)....good going

Classical ones were well received despite some peoples' misgivings, and I believe playing the classical stuff has improved the standard of musicianship in the band.
We certainly have improved and keep on improving...we are now sight reading stuff we couldn't have a while back.
So well done all of you for your hard work.
I know I don't always say that was brill...usually "that's not bad" but that's just me.(it often is pretty good)
I do appreciate your hard work.

We've had as usual some band changes: newbies, leavers and babies.(and a guest appearance Helen Carey)

Special thanks to:

Ron,George,Derek, for stepping in when needed, to cover any vacancies in varying sections of the band,and for anyone else who has played different music at gigs when we are short of people.

George for keeping the band going throughout August.

George and Ron for occasional depping for me.

The band exec for all their help and support both to me and to band stuff, behind the scenes.

Paul P for his photographic skills and web site management.

A special thanks to Lorena for her excellent sec skills in organising all the gigs we've had...it does take an awful lot of work to get to that one page link on the band diary with all the stuff you need to know!!

Family and friends for their support.

and finally anybody else I may have missed out.


NB Your aims for this season....
I say it every year......

Expression Marks!!!!

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