Saturday, 13 August 2011

Chillingham Castle

Not a good day today.
We didn't play as well as have done in recent gigs....don't know why
Some errors in 1st half, gave the guys a pep talk ....improved.
2nd half..outside ..think we were too spread out.
Sounded thin.....haven't played outside as much this year..didn't have our usual oomph!!
Finished with Pirates...probably our worst ever performance of it.

Weather a bit iffy so did the first half inside and then decided to do 2nd half outside.
Rain kept off.

No food at half time, only tea and coffee.

Not much of an audience for us , or the stall holders either.
Don't know how well it was advertised.

3 photos taken on my mob uploaded.


  1. Forgot to mention...the magnets had there first outing today.
    Too strong for some people!!

  2. Seems all very -ve to me. People are giving up time to play for nothing, where's the encouragement?

  3. Don't think I'm being negative:I'm simply reflecting how it was, for me, on the day!