Sunday, 31 July 2011

New Page:Band Music

This will be a collection of links to stuff we have played or are currently playing, so that people can listen to a polished piece of music.

They are mostly you tube vids of other bands or Ray's music played on Sibelius software.

Friday, 29 July 2011

Vince Leaving Playhouse

Gave Vince a surprise leaving pressie or two,yesterday, inc band fleece, music stand and banner, so he's got no excuse now not to come and play.....apart from learning another note than G!!

Eight of us turned up and did the biz...caught him on the web site..

Band Web site

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Concert Band

Decided today I would have a break and take August off from rehearsals.

May make a guest appearance as a hornist from time to time, but no more conducting rehearsals for me in August.

Will still conduct for the gigs tho.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Monday, 18 July 2011

Band Rehearsal 18/07/11

Big Chris back on Euph tonight..

Tried some new stuff tonight (as well as old stuff)
Southfield...we like it!

Tried floral dance for the first time...eventually got the hang of it

Struggled with Children's March.....just a play through.....will try it September......

Think it'll be OK once people know it, and give it a chance.

Dvorak new world last movt...not a bad attempt the first time through...better the 2nd time, when I tried it a bit faster.....bit tricky and fast for the clarts!! Will work at it in September as well

Band Venues

According to Glen, we HAVE been to Rothbury and Wooler in the past.

The memory must be failing I guess,old age!!!

Venue page/map updated.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Bedlington Gig: my thoughts.......

Cracking played pretty really well despite being much reduced in numbers.
2 flutes,5clts,3 saxes,2 tpts,3hns,R on tbn,1 euph,bass and drums.

Really good audience...about 50 I think..they seemed to appreciate the mix of classical and modern
Despite the p...d down all afternoon.

Nice venue...good acoustics....would be good to play there again sometime.

4 o'clock start....maybe an idea for the future,if we're playing to an older audience?
Something to think about??

Many thanks to Katherine for stepping in to do the flute duet with Claire...very nice.
Pam had sunburn...
Thanks to Alice who got in touch with K for me and Claire for sorting it.

George did a good job as compere!!

The naughty step for Alison who had to go and fetch her baby clarinet for Hall of the Rocking King
and for big Al who didn't have any music for Instant Concert.

Well done the Horns....must be the first gig they've all got to.
P the band photographer took a snap to confirm it.

Food....tea and bikkies.....Ok for a wet afternoon

Today's Gig

Just in after a hectic studio jazz evening at the Playhouse.
Quick drink to relax, then tomorrow,no it's now today,we're off to Bedlington...our first ever visit.
Looking forward to it....even though it's a 4.00 o'clock kick off.
Def a first for us.

Friday, 15 July 2011


Looking at the map, we haven't ever been over to Rothbury or Wooler.(We have done Thropton a few times and Alwinton last year)
We must try and rectify that in the future.

Band Venues

Updated with new page and more venues on it.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Why aren't I in any photos, i'm not that small

Page view per country as of today

United Kingdom
United States

Quite amazing how many views so far.

Band Videos

I have now set up links to all the band videos I know about (mostly courtesy of Q F-B )and the one of mine, so they are all available in one place, on a new blog video page.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Rehearsal 11/07/11

Good rehearsal despite low numbers...19 in total.

Dropped some stuff as they didn'twork, but the ones that did were pretty good.

Worked on Southfield a bit more.....light and shade....sounding good.

R on tbn....think I'll leave him there...less bother...and sack all the other tbns!! :-0
(just joking guys)
K only bottom ender....
Still sounding good

We couldn't have done that, and sounded so good, a few years back.

Looking forward to Bedlington's gig on Saturday.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Lesbury Garden Party

Another cracking performance by the band.

Due to the weather we played in the church....superb acoustics.
Guest appearance of HC on trombone.

Played Solitaire at mp and mf......the first time ever. v good
(maybe all my bollocking has paid off)

Thought Grease was ex as well.

Half way through the first set the lights went out.....but the band played on......what a team.
I was proud of them all.

Once again, super grub...egg sarnies,cheese scones, a cup of tea and cream scones!!

We were a happy bunch!!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Magnets arrived from Germany today.... so we'll have them for Lesbury's wet and windy gig!!
Only took Three days..ordered on Monday came on Wed.
Thomann..... excellent customer service.

Percy Grainger

Just discovered some of Percy Grainger's band arrangements.
seem to be pretty good...will have to get some.

Monday, 4 July 2011


Good crack tonight....

Tried Colonel Bogey... we can play quietly sometimes.

Must find the score for Tyne side Songs and rehash it...there's still bits I'm not happy with.

Horns  were a bit naughty tonight.....makes a change from the trombone section.


The stand magnets are on their way from Germany.....we might get them before Saturday's outside gig at Lesbury.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Horn Quartet

Just had our third get together.

Good stuff, especially the coffee, bikkies and jam tarts.

We love our grub ,in this band

Alnmouth St Johns Church 01/07/11

Our first ever classical gig....went really well.
Very pleased.....all our hard work paid off.

They seemed well chuffed with us and def want us for Aug Bank Hol fete.