Thursday, 4 August 2011

St Michaels Church:Alnwick Flower Festival 03/08/2011

Cracking gig last night.The band played well(once the chairs had been sorted out!!)
Slight mishap in the Floral Dance, which we played for the first time.I started it in 4/4 stopped it, and started it again in 4/4. Started too slow, eventually got it up to speed!!
Thanks to Dek for playing Euph.
Good to have adaptable players who can turn their hands to other instruments.

Good feedback from the punters.Well appreciated by the organisers

Strange unprepared speech from Alnwick's Town Mayor.

Mel's mum was delighted we'd played floral dance.

Apparently she had heard only good reports and feed back and they were all very pleased how the evening went.  The band made the evening go so well.
Mel's mum flower arrangement featuring the band Banner was excellent.Paul has taken some photos which should be on the web site soon.

A regular customer(who was on the door last night) of Pat's (the boss) came into her shop today and said it was the best thing she'd ever heard, and she felt moved to tears at two of the numbers.Very kind of her to come and say that.

Claire and I had a go at one guy who apparently runs the Music Festival web site.
He said it was the first he'd heard of us.
He is on their committee and we asked him to mention/remind them of our name at any future meetings.

We are the local band!!

I said we appear to have dropped out of the picture and explained that we had for many years opened the Music Festival's opening concert.(as well as playing outside at a weekend)
I was too late to catch the Mayor who is also Chairman of the Festival.

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  1. I rather enjoyed it. Had never been in St Michael's Church before - thought the acoustics were quite good...or maybe that was just our playing ;-) We got the hang of Floral Dance by the end anyway.

    Shame about the music festival, but there's always next year!