Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Alnwick Symphonic Wind Ensemble 20/09/2011

Had a rehearsal in St Michaels Church,Alnwick.
Great acoustics!!

Started off with Mendelssohn Overture ..really impressive for a first play through.
Sounded good with the trumpet and euph/tbn and tuba.

Another rehearsal should crack it....if the woodwind practise the tricky middle bit.

R Strauss Serenade sounded really good..just about performance ready....but does need more horns to give it a fuller sound.

Wagner Siegfried Idyll....tried a little bit...not good...may put that one on the back boiler until we have cracked the other 4.(it will take more work)

Finished off with some Mozart and Dvorak....both desperately missing the double bass.

BUT in total, a good nights rehearsal.

Mostly sounded very good.

Well done guys/gals!!

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