Saturday, 16 July 2011

Bedlington Gig: my thoughts.......

Cracking played pretty really well despite being much reduced in numbers.
2 flutes,5clts,3 saxes,2 tpts,3hns,R on tbn,1 euph,bass and drums.

Really good audience...about 50 I think..they seemed to appreciate the mix of classical and modern
Despite the p...d down all afternoon.

Nice venue...good acoustics....would be good to play there again sometime.

4 o'clock start....maybe an idea for the future,if we're playing to an older audience?
Something to think about??

Many thanks to Katherine for stepping in to do the flute duet with Claire...very nice.
Pam had sunburn...
Thanks to Alice who got in touch with K for me and Claire for sorting it.

George did a good job as compere!!

The naughty step for Alison who had to go and fetch her baby clarinet for Hall of the Rocking King
and for big Al who didn't have any music for Instant Concert.

Well done the Horns....must be the first gig they've all got to.
P the band photographer took a snap to confirm it.

Food....tea and bikkies.....Ok for a wet afternoon


  1. Big Al has now joined the band "hall of fame" in being the second member of the band (in our 16 years existence) to have to go off to get his music during a gig.
    In top spot it's the esteemed, Mr Hogg who went off in a prodigous concert in Lagny Cathedral near Paris (France). No doubt he can reacall the number….I can't!!

    The only person ever to forget their instrument is Alison (yesterday) but as it was her baby clarinet I suppose we can let her off….so she doesn't make the hall of fame!!

  2. Pics kindly taken by Alice's Dad tweeked and on the website.